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211 Irving Avenue

Closter, New Jersey   07624

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" A place where children can be children."


Bergen County's internationally renowned school and camp.

The Lindgren Nursery School, founded in 1944, has been serving our community for seventy years. We offer classes for children ages two and a half to five. Parents may choose a full day or half day school for three, four or five days a week.  There is before school and after school care available and also bus transportation.

Lindgren Summer Camp is designed for three to eleven year olds.  Children may be enrolled for a minimum of two weeks, morning only or full day, Monday through Thursday.

Director: Adri Lindgren Turrell

Administrator: Amy Battle



 "Lindgren embraces the philosophy that children learn and grow through play.  Childhood is honored at Lindgren, fun is integral to each day, and the teachers and staff respect each child and her unique path."

 "We feel all four of our children have thrived in the Lindgren environment of encouraged exploration, kindness and firm, yet subtle, structure."

 "…very good program…lots of free play, nature, exploring, etc….not pushing to teach children inappropriate material too early to impress parents."

 "I feel very comfortable with Lindgren.  My daughter loves the school.  It's a unique environment that really allows her to thrive: the old-fashioned farmhouse setting, the fabulous open air areas, the animals, all the freedom and room for creating are wonderful.  I just wish she could stay here till college."

 "Lindgren has been a remarkable first school experience for my son.  It's as if he's with family when he's at school."

 "Lindgren's is physically and philosophically unique.  They understand that early childhood education is not about academics, but is really about the emotional and social development of children in their first setting outside the family.  The staff is very loving and I'm sure that there is no one there who views their work as “just a job”.  The sheer duration of the school speaks to how wonderful it really is.  It is the same place where my siblings and I went to nursery school."